I Scream For Waffles!

I Scream For Waffles is the creation of Cori Haines-Tutrone and Drew Main, both born and raised in the Eugene/Springfield area.  They blended a love of food, sense of adventure, and genuine entrepreneurial spirit into a food truck specializing in Waffles and Ice Cream.

Random Facts...

* We're the 4th generation of local women to own/operate a biz in Eugene/Springfield
* All doughs, batters and ice cream are house-made
* We try to make everything from scratch if we can...sauces, gravy, aioli, cones, brittle for ice cream etc
* Love supporting local farmers...we'll modify the menu to get whatever's in season here locally
* Our truck was a Frito Lay truck when we bought it, complete with big bins of old chips
* We started building our truck so we could be mobile and not be under the thumb of a landlord (we owned a coffee shop inside Gateway Mall for 12 years where we couldn't blast loud music, drink beer and laugh our asses off while we worked)
* The pin-up girl in our logo is named Scarlett Star
* We've gained the reputation of having dude food, stoner food and hangover cures...so we added a salad to the menu
* Our goal is to make great food with simple, high quality ingredients ...and also to have as much fun as humanly possible while we work!